Winter Tyres

Get ready for winter. Winter tyres can be used all year round. The tyres really come into there own during winter conditions, they can be used through out all seasons of the year. We have a full range of tyres in stock now. Don’t get bogged down in the snow again this year get ready for winter.

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2009/2010 saw one of the worst winters for many years with thousands of stranded cars littering the motorways. At Fife Autocentre we have prepared our branches through out fife with a stock of winter tyres to supply our customers the tyres they need to keep them moving and on the road safely through the winter conditions.

Winter tyres are also known as Cold Weather Tyres, and they have many benefits including better grip and significantly shorter stopping distances in wet and dry conditions when temperatures drop below 7°C. The compounds in winter tyres contain a higher level of natural rubber which, when combined with a tread pattern containing many more sipes (small slits in a tyre), helps to minimise the hardening effects experienced by conventional car tyres at lower temperatures. This allows the tyre in winter to bond better with the road surface giving a higher level of safety and grip with stopping distances up to 10% less in the wet and up to 20% less on snow.

A common mistake many people make is they perceive that the tyres can only be used on snow and ice. The fact is that winter tyres perform best at temperatures below 7°C meaning that consumers can benefit from up to 5 months of safer driving whether there is snow on the road or not.

It is unreasonable to expect standard car tyres to be able to perform at their best when UK temperatures can range anything from around +35°C to -20°C during the year.

There's no doubt that specialist winter or all-season tyres offer a performance/safety benefit in sub-zero temperatures or when roads are covered in snow and ice. If you're a regular visitor to Europe's ski resorts a set of winter tyres would be worth considering. There is though a cost of keeping two sets of tyres and switching them before and after each trip. At Fife Autocentre we can offer a competitive price to refit your winter tyres from November onwards providing they were purchased from us. Alternatively, if you’re current tyres are due for replacement anyway then winter or all-season tyres are well worth considering.

Wear on winter tyres depends on your vehicle use, the trips you make, and your region's climate, they should be in excellent condition as worn winter tyres quickly become ineffective.

Most people change their footwear to match the weather conditions whether it is sunshine, rain or snow. It makes complete sense to do the same with our cars and fit winter tyres between November and March. Fife Autocentre recommend that you fit 4 winter tyres to increase your vehicle's grip during winter and that you change these tyres when tread depth falls below 4 mm. The tyres should always be in excellent condition, as worn tyres will be ineffective on snow as well as on wet roads. Finally, you should know that using winter tyres will affect how your vehicle responds and its road holding on dry roads.

Fife Autocentre are experts when it comes to tyres and winter tyres are no different. If you cannot find the winter tyres you’re looking for online or have any questions regarding winter tyres then please Contact us.

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