DPF Replacement

At Fife Autocentre we currently use mapping system supplied by Top Gear Mapping if your vehicle has the symptoms shown below give us a call, we will be happy to discuss your options.

DPF Replacement are becoming very common as the years progress, they continue to fail and manufacturers continue to release newer cars with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is also known as a Filtre à Particules (FAP) and some people even dealerships refer to it as CATS (Catalytic Converters) however, they should not be mistaken as they operate differently.

Having the DPF replaced is meant to bring peace of mind. After having endless battles up & down the motorway trying to regenerate your DPF, spending £100′s if not £1000′s taking it to dealerships for regenerations / oil changes and actual DPF replacements – a DPF Replacement is meant to take the problem away completely and forever, leaving you with a vehicle that is reliable, efficient and responsive, with zero errors and zero problems.

However, what people are left with is in many cases completely different. We’ve heard some real horror stories of people who have (before finding us), attempted to have their DPF’s replaced by other “companies” and “mobile agents”, problems such as:DPF Warning Light Coming BackCar Going into Limp Mode (also known as Limp Home Mode)Ignition Coil Light Flashing Traction Light On Excessive SmokeTurbo / Engine Failure MOT Failure.

Why do these problems occur?

Most problems are related to the software companies & mobile agents are using.Firstly, we are against doing MOBILE DPF Replacement and the reason behind this is, the only way to do a “Mobile DPF Replacement” is using an automated piece of software which scans through the cars ECU data and attempts to delete all data strings related to the DPF file structure (within pre-set parameters).

However, this software can never 100% delete all data strings because they are interlinked and deep-coded with file structures relating to: Fuel Rail Pressure Exhaust Gas TemperatureAir / Fuel Ratio and Many Others.

If the automated software was to delete the interlinked and deep-coded file structures, this would interfere with these sensors and cause data corruption and many errors to occur almost immediately after starting the engine.

Some problems don’t actually occur for some time after the DPF has been replaced. In most cases, the automated software won’t delete these parts of the file, but then leaving part of the DPF file in place will also bring problems such as the vehicle falling back into limp mode, the DPF light coming back on, excessive smoke and as a result of this, an MOT Failure.

Furthermore, just by replacing the DPF, you cannot guarantee it will pass an MOT test. Although it is not illegal to replace the DPF / FAP from the vehicle, it may still fail an MOT if your vehicle does not meet the necessary smoke detection levels at an MOT test.

After having successfully replaced 100% of the DPF data file structure, we then proceed to carry out a full smoke test. This enables the system to run optimally and efficiently with no errors after having replaced the DPF and by doing so, allow your vehicle to continue to pass an MOT.

If you’re looking at having your DPF Replaced but you’re not sure on how this will affect the running of your vehicle or have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us direct on 01592 631211.

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