Car Servicing - Dundee

It can be a confusing job choosing where to get a vehicle service in Dundee so it is important to get it right. At our Tayside Autocentre Frank Gray our branch manager and his team have many years’ experience servicing cars and vans in Dundee.

Our branch is fully equipped with the latest in engineering and electrical diagnostic equipment to ensure we offer clients the best car servicing in the area.

Now you can book service for your vehicle online at any of the desired date or just bring in your car to our Dundee depot. We are here to provide you with trusted services. Use our booking form to send us your details & we will get back at our earliest.

Good reasons to regularly service your car or van.

It is important to regularly service a vehicle to maintain the efficient and safe running of the vehicle, all manufacturers recommend regular service schedules based upon anticipated mileage.

Vehicles over three years old need to have a valid MOT certificate which needs to be updated annually to ensure the vehicle is road legal.

We even offer a 20% discount to those customers who have a vehicle serviced at the same time as having the annual MOT test carried out, which means it is often much cheaper than having it done at a main dealer as they are constrained to use manufacturers parts when often there are more cost effective options available.

Since the law changed some years ago it is now possible to have your vehicle serviced at an accredited service station and not potentially damage the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty.

Vehicle Servicing Prices at Dundee Depot

We offer customers a no nonsense flat rate for servicing, this pricing is based upon two main criteria, the size of the engine and the type of service carried out on your vehicle.

We offer three broad types of car service here;

  • Oil Service or basic service
    • We change the oil filters and the vehicles engine oil plus carry our visual inspection of the vehicle to spot any obvious issues.
  • Full Service recommended for those vehicles that need a service every 12,000 miles or an annual service. This service is a comprehensive list of checks not only of the oil, filters and fluids etc but also lights, brakes etc.
  • Interim Service – Particularly for vehicles doing a high mileage say over 20,000 miles per year where mileage is way above the annual recommended service schedule as recommended by manufacturers. Occasionally vehicles that do a low mileage may only need an interim service every other year if they are doing way below the annual mileage as laid down by the manufacturers.

We categories engine groups as follows:

  • 1800cc and below
  • 1800cc – 2999cc
  • 3000cc and above

Fill the form with your contact details to book your car servicing in Dundee and we will get back to you to confirm details.

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