Tilicoultry’s Exhaust Fitting Specialists

Here at Hilfoots Autocentre we have a huge range of exhausts in stock to cover the widest possible range of vehicle manufacturers and makes. James McKinnon and his team are highly qualified exhaust technicians and always be happy to provide no obligation quotations for any exhaust repairs of replacements.

Why check the exhaust on your car?

As cars and light commercial vehicles become more sophisticated there is an ever increasing need to keep your exhaust in good order, an exhaust that runs well will help lower the fuel consumption as well as ensuring that our cars and vans are as kind on the environment as possible by lowering the amount of noxious gasses released into the atmosphere.

How the exhaust works?

When the cylinders in the engine fire missing the fuel and the oxygen there is a chemical reaction and the exhaust reaction gasses are the ones that are expelled into the manifold.

Many modern vehicles have monitoring systems to check the levels of the oxygen in the gasses created, this information is in turn sent to the engine management computer that controls the level of fuel pumped into the engine – if it is working well then this will help reduce the vehicles fuel consumption.

Most vehicles also use a converter to change the noxious gasses into a water vapour so the impact on the environment is reduced dramatically.

Most exhausts also have a muffler, this is a box that acts to quieten the sound of the engine, in most cases this is in the rear section.

Specialist Exhaust Fitting in Tillicoultry

At Hilfoots here in Tillicoultry we have the best equipment and a highly trained team of specialist exhaust fitters ready to help six days a week.

Better still you do not need to book an appointment simply bring your vehicle into our Tilicoultyr branch and one of the team will look at it for you. If you prefer simply fill out the enquiry form on the website or call us on the phone, we are always happy to help.

Free Exhaust Inspections Tillicoultry

When you bring your car here one of the team will provide a free of charge inspection of your vehicle and we will provide a detailed no obligation quotation for the repair or the replacement.

Exhaust Repairs Tillicoultry

After inspecting the exhaust, if it is cost effective we will carry out repairs, this may just need replacing one section of the exhaust, we will always look to get you the best and most cost effective solution.

If you are looking for cheap exhausts in Tillicoultry we have a range of differing brands to choose from, we may offer a cheaper exhaust but we never compromise on the quality of the products we sell.

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