Car Exhaust in Stirling

Stirling is a beautiful city and keeping the environment clean will help to do that, one element of driving that has a bearing on this is our vehicle exhausts, when the poisonous reaction gasses are created when the engine runs it needs to be removed and transferred into water vapour, this is in essence the job of your exhaust system.

If your exhaust system works well it also will help improve the fuel efficiency of the engine as most modern exhausts have oxygen monitors that check the level of the oxygen in the gasses in the exhaust system then send the data to the engine management system to regulate the amount of fuel being pumped into the engine.

Exhaust Fitting

David Baisley and his team at the Stirling Autocentre is located in the Springkerse Industrial Estate are fully trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic and mechanical equipment to provide customers with the best possible exhaust fitting in Stirling.

We carry thousands of exhausts in stock at our Stirling Autocentre as well as at our other depots across the region and in Fife.

Free Exhaust Inspection

As part of our customer charter we are happy to provide free inspections of your exhaust system and also provide free of charge quotations for any work that needs completing.

The good news is that to begin with you don’t need to book an appointment, simply turn up and we will fit it is as soon as possible, it is not possible to say exactly how long it takes to fit an exhaust at our Stirling depot as exhausts have a number of differing parts, if it is just a muffler (the silencing box) this may be quite quick and take an hour however the down pipe can take longer due to it’s location.

This said however we have all the tools and highly skilled technicians who will be able to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Exhaust Repairs

It is sometimes possible to repair damages exhaust systems and if this is a viable proposition we would recommend it, however it may just be that fitting a new section as opposed to a whole exhaust can sometimes be cheaper, your experienced technicians will be able to guide you in the right direction.

At Fife Autocentre, we have professional car exhaust mechanics that can help you with all your exhaust troubles. They will help you to identify if your car exhaust is on the verge of failure. Our trained car exhaust mechanics in Stirling will check the health of your car exhaust system and will suggest the necessary actions that can be taken to repair it.

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