Car Exhaust Glenrothes

We carry a huge range of exhausts in stock that fit the widest range of cars and light vans possible both in our Glenrothes branch and also in our other depots in the region.

Exhausts systems are traditionally manufactured as a method of removing exhaust waste gasses away from the vehicle.

Where vehicles have systems that leak it can in some circumstances lead to the poisonous gasses leaking into the vehicle which can after some time make the driver very drowsy or worse!

How an exhaust system works

When an engine is running there are noxious gasses that are created and the exhaust system is the main method of removing these gasses safely.

There are differing elements of the exhaust such as the manifold which collects the gasses from the engine cylinders.

Many systems have oxygen monitors that test the gasses and sends information to the vehicle management system which in turn regulates the amount of fuel being put into the system. If this is working efficiently the engine management system will release the optimum amount of fuel into the engine thereby ensuring you get the best mileage efficiency possible.

How much will an exhaust cost?

The vast majority of exhausts come in several parts it could be two, three or even four or more so it is important to get a specialist technician to inspect and test the exhaust to be able to give you a no obligation quotation for the work required.

All our technicians are highly trained and have access to the very best diagnostic and testing equipment to ensure your exhaust is tested thoroughly and to guarantee you get the best value for money possible.

Because of the wide range we stock you can choose not only the system that fits your car but you can have specialist exhausts fitted such as the long life stainless steel exhausts.

We offer a range of different exhausts brands to suit all budgets here in Glenrothes. Our prices may be cheap however we never compromise on quality.

Exhaust fitting Glenrothes

All of our depots operate on the principal of no appointments are necessary so if you feel there is a probem with your exhaust please feel free to call into our Glentrothes branch where one of our exhaust technicians will be happy to fit a new exhaust, or part for you.

Exhaust Repairs Glenrothes

In some cases it is possible to effect repairs to a system, in particular this may be as a result of accidental damage caused by rocks or stones to sections of the exhaust pipe, if it is possible to repair a section of your exhaust we will do so if it is cost effective.

Car exhaust replacement in Glenrothes is also done at Fife Autocentre. We carry wide variety of car exhausts for various car models – you can visit our branch in Glenrothes and get your faulty exhaust replaced in Glenrothes

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