Car Exhaust Replacement in Dunfermline

At Fife Autocentres depot in Dunfermline we have all the latest equipment to diagnose, test, repair and replace car and light commercial vehicle exhausts systems.

Having an efficient and well working exhaust is important in maintaining a healthy vehicle, if the system works well it improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle whilst at the same time it minimises the impact on our environment.

How an exhaust works

When an engine is running there are gasses created as a result of the reaction caused inside the engine, when these exhaust gasses are released they are collected in something called a manifold before being turned into water vapour by a converter and finally being released into the air.

Modern vehicles often have electronic management software and measurements of the oxygen level in the manifold is transmitted to the management system so that the right amount of fuel is added into the engine to maximize the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Exhaust systems that are not working effectively not only make the car more expensive to run but can leak poisonous gasses back into the vehicle which can be very dangerous for the driver and passengers, let alone the environment.

Exhaust Repairs Dunfermline

Car exhaust systems vary from vehicle to vehicle and are traditionally made up of two, three or four sections, it is advisable to get one of our highly trained and qualified exhaust technicians to inspect your exhaust and will be able to advise whether your exhaust ca be repaired or needs a full replacement.

Our team have the latest diagnostic equipment available to be able to see exactly what the problem is and what repair or replacement is required.

Cost of new exhausts

Every vehicle is different but rest assured we carry a huge range of exhausts in Dunfermline so we are able to cover the widest possible range of cars and even light commercial vehices.

If you have any questions please ring our exhaust specialists in Dunfermline, fill out the online enquiry form or call into the branch, and one of our technicians will advise.

Don’t worry you don’t need an appointment, simply bring your vehicle into the Dunfermline branch and we will do the rest.

Exhaust fitting Dunfermline

It can take some time to fit a new exhaust, some parts such as mufflers that dampen the noise can be changed in about an hour, as can some of the pipes however things such as the downpipe may take longer due to their positioning and accessibility.

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