Brake Service Glenrothes

It is really important that a vehicles brakes are regularly checked and well maintained at all times, after all, we have all been in the position where another road user pulls out in front of us or there is an obstacle ahead where we have needed to do an emergency stop.

We only really realise the value of the braking system when we need it most and here at the Glenrothes branch we have fully qualified brake specialist brake technicians who will give you the best advice.

What does a brake service cost in Glenrothes

We offer three types of brake service in Glenrothes

  • Front brake service £29.95
  • Rear Brake service £34.50
  • Front & Rear brake service 67.85

An integral part of the service is that also clean and adjust the brakes, we check that the brake shoes and pads are free to move in which the carriers are located.

Cost effective brake replacement Glenrothes

As a business we have always believed in offering the highest quality products at a price much lower than the major dealerships are able to offer with their OEM manufactured products.

For this we use the Apec braking system, this braking system is manufactured to the highest quality which matches the manufacturers braking systems in terms of

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Comfort

In addition you can be assured of the quality by the 12 months warranty placed on all Apec Braking System products.

Brake replacement & Repair Glenrothes

We carry unrivalled stock here in our Glenrothes warehouse and distribution facility so you are bound to get exactly the car brakes that you need when you need them.

Which brake service should I have done?

It is a fact that the front brakes are often put under much greater strain than rear brakes does not mean that you only need to service your front brakes.

In an ideal world you should regularly service both front and rear brakes there are often tell tale signs that brakes are not functioning properly, things to look out for are;

  • Soft brake pedal,
  • Loud scrapping noise when braking,
  • Handbrake staying on after release
  • Unusual noise when braking at the start of your journey

There are many elements of a car’s braking system that need checking, systems use brake fluid to make sure that the pressure is equally applied across the entire system.

Cars using anti lock brakes monitor the loads and apply the brakes then release before applying again, it does this incredibly fast and the net result is that the brakes do not lock, this means that it is possible to brake hard and also take avoiding action if needed.

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