Car batteries Dundee

For car batteries in Dundee, visit Fife Autocentre’s Dundee branch. Car battery is a really important part of the vehicle as it is the only independent power source, modern vehicles rely heavily on the bar battery and never before has it been as important to maintain a healthy battery as up to ten percent of vehicles are estimated to have weak batteries or batteries that are at risk of failure.

At our Dundee branch we have all the testing and mechanical equipment needed in order to fit replacement batteries for customers in Dundee.

How much do batteries cost?

In essence the cost of the battery is determined by It varies dependent upon on the size and power of the battery needed, we are members of the biggest buying group in Europe and have enormous purchasing power as a result are able to secure fantastic discounts from the world’s leading manufacturers, we always carry a large range in stock aand will have a battery to suit your needs and your budget.

Call into the branch, fill out the online form or call us on the phone for more information and we will happily provide options for you to consider with differing brands and differing prices.

Why is the car battery so important?

Vehicles that utilize stop start technology where engines stop to conserve fuel however when the engine restarts it does require a significant amount of power. This in turn can cause the voltage to drop significantly; it is this drop in voltage that can damage the vehicles on board electronic equipment and any additional devices that are plugged in to the cars usb ports and power sockets.

Car battery fitting Dundee.

Car battery fitting in Dundee is done by our highly trained mechanics and battery technicians. We stock latest batteries available, some car makers require very specific batteries indeed and our service centre is fully equipped to change your car battery, regardless of the make and model.

We have all the diagnostic and mechanical equipment needed to offer a highly professional yet cost effective solution.

In most cases we can change and fit a new battery in under an hour however some makes are a little more challenging as systems need to be reset and calibrated when new batteries are fitted.

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