Car Exhaust Inspections in Dundee

Here at Tayside Autocare, part of the Fife Autocentres group we are members of Europe’s largest buying groups which gives us access to fantastic purchasing power and access to all the leading brands.

We are happy to provide a free of charge inspection of your exhaust system and diagnose any faults or repairs that may be necessary.

If you need work carrying you can rest assured that the branch Manager Frank Gray and his team are all highly trained and have a specialist the team of specialist exhaust technicians here in Dundee.

Car Exhaust Repairs in Dundee

There are occasions where repairs can be carried out to the exhaust, it maty be that only one particular section of the exhaust is damaged, this often happens when rocks or debris on the road make contact with the underside of the vehicle. Our skilled exhaust technicians will be able to advise on the best course of action.

Looking After your Exhaust in Dundee

Your exhaust performs a major function, when the car engines cylinders are working then there is a chemical reaction and gasses are created, these gasses are the exhaust reaction gasses are passed into the manifold section of the exhaust. In many vehicles there are oxygen monitoring devices that check the level of oxygen in the engine exhaust gasses, this information is then transmitted to the engine management system, this management system regulates the amount of fuel being pushed into the engine and can have a very significant impact on the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Exhaust gasses are poisonous and converters in the exhaust system then transfer these into a water vapour which is the steam we see coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Your exhaust also acts to dampen the noise generated by the engine when it is working so it is important to reduce costs noise and emissions.

Leaking exhausts can allow these harmful gasses to seep into the vehicle which can be dangerous to the driver and the passengers.

Exhaust Fitting Dundee

With a huge range of exhausts to choose from and a workshop fitted with the latest equipment you can relax in the knowledge that you have a specialist team fitting your exhaust in Dundee.

We fit exhausts to all types of vehicles, we can fit high performance exhausts here in Dundee or if you wish you can choose from long life stainless steel exhausts.

Such a wide range of products to choose from means we can fit any budget so if you are in Dundee and want a cheap exhaust fitting then call into the branch, telephone us or fill out the enquiry form on the website.

Car exhaust mechanics Dundee

Visit our car exhaust mechanics in Dundee to figure out what is wrong with your car exhaust. We can inspect, fit, replace and repair your car exhausts in reasonable prices. Finding a trained car exhaust mechanic in Dundee can be a hassle – but you don’t have to worry any more, Fife Autocentre in Dundee has professional mechanics that are trained to perform their jobs well.

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