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Friday, 1 June 2018

TyreSafe Part Worn Campaign – Fit and Hope

Background and Rationale


TyreSafe’s stance on part worn tyres remains unmoved, and this video illustrates why. It is a simple fact that part worn tyres are not as safe as new tyres because inadequate tread depth will decrease the grip of a tyre, especially in wetter conditions.

It is not only tread depth that affects tyres and highlights the dangers of driving with these but also the condition of tyres when bought. As this video demonstrates, tyres may be sold with nails embedded in them, cuts or bulges, or even chunks missing.

Investigations by TyreSafe and Trading Standards show over 93% of part worn tyres are not compliant with the law. Between a third and half were found to have defects which made them unsafe to use, a shocking statistic.

Objectives and targeting

Although it is not illegal to sell part worn tyres, the law is very clear about the status and condition that second-hand tyres should adhere to. TyreSafe has campaigned for twelve years to spread awareness and educate retailers and consumers on the importance of tyre safety.
We encourage consumers and retailers to think about buying and selling part worn tyres respectively because of the risks to motorists.

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